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Roborock, as an important part of Xiaomi Mijia Partnership, now has already become the most Influential and the fastest growing brand for Vacuum Cleaner in China. The Vacuum Cleaner by Roborock now is very hot not only in China, but also has won a large sales volume in global market, especially in Asian and European market.

As a flagship model of Roborock, Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S50 is highly praised by customers because how smart it is. It’s a clean robot combined by both sweeping and wet mopping mode, giving an absolutely better performance on floor cleaning than many other similar products in the market. It’s a super smart device because it’s able to scan the surrounding, do intelligent planning path, memorize family layout, then clean up every corner in your room or office. Also it has anti-hair design and you would never need to worry about that it would be rolled up by hairs thus stop working. Moreover, although with a super strong suction of 2000Pa, its working noise is less than 55db, avoiding any uncomfortable feeling caused by machine working.

The most interestingly, you can connect it to you phone by Mijia App, then you are able to remote control it to automatically clean your home or charge at home when you are working at office. This is an very interesting and attractive feature to people who want to enjoy a clean room when they go home after finishing the whole day busy job.

Here is the link of Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S50 Official Introduction Video Link:

 Here below are the main features and functions of Roborock S50:

  1. Scan the surrounding, intelligent planning path, memory family layout, clean up every corner.
  2. WIFI connected phone, regular start, home office automatic cleaning, automatic charging.
  3. 2000Pa ultra strong suction, brushless motor, the noise is less than 55db.
  4. 5200mAh long life lithium battery, can clean 240 square meters of the environment.
  5. Intelligent identification of carpet ,automatic pressurized cleaning

6 Over 2cm obstacles easily

  1. V-type floating roller brush.
  2. 480ML dust box, double filter system, effective filter dust, mites and clean air.
  3. 150ML water tank, and even penetrate into the ultra-fine fiber mop.
  4. 96mm ultra-thin design, robot vacuum cleaner work in a narrow space.
  5. Filter can still maintain 95% of the filter performance after use for one year. dust box directly washed with water, get a new look once again

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Purchase link:

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